Types of Blood Glucose Meters for Senior Citizens

Types of Blood Glucose Meters for Senior Citizens


Complications of diabetes can be avoided or you can even delay its development in old age. For this, you need to constantly keep blood sugar levels up to 7 mmol / l. So, how do you check it? Of course, you can donate blood in the laboratory of the clinic – when you feel bad or when the doctor prescribes. However, you can also use a glucometer to test yourself at home. This way, you can keep track of your sugar level every day, watch the reaction to new foods and schedule your physical activity based on the results.


Device weight: the smaller it is, the better. For example, the Gamma Mini device weighs only 20 g.


Glucose determination speed: some glucometers are programmed to determine the sugar concentration in 5 seconds, others in 40-50 seconds. Active people better use those that do it faster. These include Accu-Chek Performa Nano, Sensocard Plus, etc. that give result in 5 seconds.


Sound reminder. For this, you can use Accu-Chek: Go.


Also, there’s no need to carry test strips. To do this, you can buy Accu-Chek Mobile.


Types of blood glucose meters


At the moment, you can find 3 types of glucometers in the market. These include:




For them, the test strips are treated with a special dye and glucose-oxidase enzyme. Blood glucose reacts with the enzyme – the color of the dye changes – the device converts the color into a number.




In this case, they also measure the nature of the reaction of glucose with glucose oxidase. Only it is not the color of the strip that is digitized, but the current that is produced as a result of this reaction.


Non-invasive – spectrophotometric


They do not require punctures. Their principle of operation is based on changing the length of the infrared beam as it passes through the tissues (the most “thin” parts of the body are used: earlobe, finger).


If your elderly relative does not agree that their blood sugar needs to be controlled – not because of dementia, but as a result of their personality traits, you can offer them:




Note that according to a few reviews online, it may irritate the skin of the elderly. Be sure to consult with your physician.


iBGStar iPhone Adapter. In this case, the skin is pierced, but the level of sugar is determined by an iPhone app. An additional feature of the adapter is the ability to send test results directly to the mail of your doctor.


Medigap Program for Seniors:¬†Elderly who’s above the age of 65 must consider 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans
for covering copay & coinsurance.