Supplemental Medicare Plan vs. Open Enrollment Period

Supplemental 2020 Medicare Plan vs. Open Enrollment Period

When can I buy a Medicare supplemental plan?

Medicare supplemental plans (Medigap), sold by private insurance firms, can help pay for some of the out-of-pocket costs not covered by Medicare Part A and B, such as deductibles, co insurance & co payments. In many cases, you will have an open enrollment period of the Medicare Supplement of 6 months beginning from the 1st month you are age 65 or older and signed up for Part B.

Within the open enrollment period, you have a guaranteed right to buy whatever Medicare supplement plan that will be sold in your country of residence, regardless of your health status. You cannot be refused for health reasons or charged a higher premium. However, you may be liable to a waiting period before your health coverage begins.

What will happen if I do not sign up for a Medigap policy during the open enrollment period?

Should you choose to apply for a Medicare supplement policy after the open enrollment period of your Medicare supplement has expired, it may be difficult to get a Medicare supplement plan or it may cost you more. Outside of the Medicare Supplement’s open enrollment period, an insurance company can use the medical underwriting guidelines to help you determine whether or not to accept your application and provide you with Medicare Supplement insurance coverage when you review your application.

The medical risk assessment usually collects information about your health status and medical history when interviewing or interviewing you or when requesting your medical records. If the insurance company accepts your request, you may be charged a higher premium than other plan members if you already have a medical condition.

Special circumstances in which your rights are guaranteed

Under certain circumstances, you may have guaranteed issue rights (i.e. insurers cannot deny you Medigap coverage or charge you more for a pre-existing condition), also after the Medicare Supplement Period. These situations may include:

The insurance company that provides your Medicare supplement plan will abort the plan (e.g. it filed for bankruptcy) thereby causing you to lose your coverage

You signed up for a Medicare SELECT policy (a type of Medicare supplement plan for which you may need to use providers in their network) now you have left the plan’s service area

You have a group health plan sponsored by an employer or by a group that is terminating and you signed up for Part B of Medicare.

You signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan and, when you moved out of the plan’s service area, returned back to Medicare Part A and B again.

You signed up for Medicare Advantage plan when you first qualified for Medicare, and used a “trial right” in a bid to return to Medicare, Part A and B, within 12 months of the date of your enrollment.  You have changed from a standard Medicare supplemental plan to a Medicare SELECT plan and have used “trial right” in a bid to switch to a Medigap policy within 12 months after the date of the Medicare SELECT purchase date.

Supplemental Medicare Policies – Why Is It Necessary?

2020 Supplemental Medicare Policies – Why Is It Necessary?

Many seniors who are just signing up for original Medicare do not understand the importance of Medicare supplemental policies. Even for those who are in good health, the need for extensive surgery or the need to visit the emergency room and some laboratory tests can leave you in debt. As you might expect from people with an existing medical problem, such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure or arthritis, not having a Medigap policy can cost more than any premium you have paid.

Irrespective of how you choose to see things, an unhealthy life style will cause your health to deteriorate. This increases the risk of developing stroke, cancer, tumors and many other serious medical problems. Medicare manages only about 80 percent of the health care bill for the elderly and, in some cases, even more. Insuring these costs may be impossible if you do not have the correct amount of additional insurance. In fact, for those older adults who already have a pre-existing condition or who have some kind of hereditary medical problem, getting a Medicare policy is the right option if they do not need it immediately, as they give them some measure of financial security and comfort.

You can protect your financial resources with an additional Medicare policy. Many seniors understand what they stand to gain when they become beneficiaries of original Medicare, but many simply do not bother to buy supplemental Medicare policies.

For a minute, consider a scenario in which you just retired and now have Medicare that is not the same as the insurance package offered by your employer. You must remember the time you had surgery and you only have to pay your annual deductible. However, only with Medicare insurance, you will have to pay much more. Just for a couple of x-rays and minor surgeries after a fall, you could be charged more than $3,000 for the total bill.

If you have not met your annual deductible, this implies you will pay about $ 907.00 for a hospital visit. As you may have imagined, for patients diagnosed with a serious medical condition such as cancer or diabetes, they have a greater possibility of accumulating medical expenses worth many thousands of dollars in a few weeks. Every bit of your life savings may disappear in a twinkle of an eye if you have very little savings in the bank. In this scenario, you can purchase Medigap insurance to help prevent such disasters.

Today, older people still expect to receive Original Medicare, as it remains a good safety net for those difficult times. Although it is not enough for the health care needs of many elderly people, the 20 percent that must be insured by the recipient accumulates quickly and can be very expensive to insure. If you have a challenge with those deductibles and co-payments, then you must help yourself by enrolling in a Medigap insurance policy to help preserve your future and your finances. You can also decide which doctor you want to see and be responsible for your insurance.

Advantage plan Policies of Humana Medicare

Advantage plan Policies of Humana Medicare

Humana Health Insurance Company has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The company is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. It started way back in 1961, when it began as a nursing home company. The company assumed the name “Humana” in 1974. It offers health insurance products that include Medicare policies, group health insurance and individual health insurance.

The company has amazing financial strength ratings, including an excellent A.M rating. Best insurance rating organization. Moody’s human rating is “Baa3”, while Fitch’s rating is “BBB-“. J. D. Power & Associates identifies Humana for its award “Satisfaction of the highest levels of commercial health policies in Texas.” The Better Business Bureau also gave Humana an “A +” rating.

For people over 65 years of age, nothing can be more stressful than having to deal with Medicare. There would be no problem if health insurance for the elderly was as easy as registering in the government program.

Unfortunately, the program leaves a gap that needs to be filled. You have probably heard several health professionals and specialists discuss this existing gap. What they are analyzing is the fact that Medicare does not insure costs like co pays and deductibles.  Get a Humana plan at for 2019.

The encouraging news is that private insurance providers offer complementary Medicare policies. These are policies that are regulated at the federal level and are designed to help you pay for the additional cost that Medicare does not insure.

What most people value from Medicare advantage planal insurance is that it offers them the opportunity to choose a provider whom they want. There are lots of individuals who have experienced positive moments with a particular insurer, such as Humana. The integration system allows them to continue using the services offered by Humana insurance. If this is the case for you, you may want to take a look at Humana Medicare’s advantage planal policies for 2018. One surprising thing about Humana’s services is that it makes it very easy to get insurance for the elderly. The fact is that all you have to do is connect to the internet and complete 3 easy steps by providing your place of residence, compare available policies and subscribe to the policy that will work for you.

When you are considering Humana’s policies for Medicare advantage planal insurance, you will find that they are the same as the policies offered by other providers. This is not to say that Humana is a less competitive company. In contrast, federal law requires that every insurance company should offer the same Medicare advantage planal policies. The difference between providers includes the price they set for the premium and the ease of working with that insurance provider. If you previously used Humana’s services, then you would know that you have an incredible reputation for being the most affordable and most affordable insurance service provider.  When comparing Humana Medicare’s advantage planal policies, you will decipher that there are policies from A to L. Policy A is always the basic policy that has the most convenient premium. Policy L will offer maximum insurance and, consequently, a costly premium.

Comparing Mutual of Omaha Medicare helps in making the right choice

A Medigap or Medicare Supplement is a part of Mutual of Omaha Medicare and it follows the state and federal laws such that it favors the consumers. The insurance companies offering Medigap are private companies. However, the plans are standardized and identified by A to L and N alphabets.  The Medigap policy of Mutual of Omaha Medicare has standardized policy providing basic benefits, regardless of the insurance company from whom you plan buying or buy the insurance plans. The cost varies with each policy based on the insurance companies. The Plans A to L and N are standard packages of the Medigap policies, and so the comparisons of pricing are easier.

Medicare supplemental insurance is issued Mutual of Omaha Medicare, Transamerica Life, Humana, Standard Life, United American, United Healthcare and such more private companies. If you have confusion, you may seek professional agent assistance and comprehend the information before making the right choice.  Medigap is included to the Medicare supplement programs of insurance and they are aimed to protect the health of the citizens. One may believe that the difference in Medigap plans is its value. For instance, Plan F is $1336.72 annually as you buy it from United World Insurance Company, a private insurance company. The same plan annually is $1720.45 when purchased from Annuity Insurance Company, another private insurance company. While, the same policy annual cost is $2182.02 from Bankers Life, another private insurance company. Remember, the price varies and not the plans.

The company to buy insurance plans may be small, so take care and look for a combination of low prices and exceptional customer service. It will be an excellent choice. There will be competitive rates in some places, but it should not be ignored. Adding to this, the most prominent private companies are Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plan G, Blue Cross and many more smaller companies offering affordable prices and same benefits.  Most importantly, ascertain that you are comfortable with the provider of the insurance plans. If you are buying it from Mutual of Omaha Medicare, they are since many years and so you can continue to buy and use their services as they are not only easily accessible, but are also affordable.  The only things required to watch out in these companies are that their supplement plans cover more than all the other plans. Bear in mind that their plans are regulated federally, so all have similar coverage.

What are the benefits of Medicare Supplement Plans

It is true that even if you have Medicare it is not going to bear all the costs of your healthcare. So, you can consider Medicare Supplement Plans as a bridge which can cover that gap. However, when you are purchasing any such policy you should understand the policy very well. Being federally standardized all the medical insurance policy companies are bound to provide you such policies.

Different Parts of Medicare Supplement Plans:

In total there are ten Medicare Supplement Plans available in the market from Plan A to Plan N. Now, all these plans also have three parts like Part A, Part B, and Part C.

  • In case of Part A premium is not required to be paid in most of the cases. In this part the applicant will be benefitted with the coverage for home health care, hospice care, nursing facility and many more.
  • With Part B which can be considered as a term insurance the insured will get the outpatient care, physician visit, medical equipments and many more.
  • With Part C which is also considered to be the Medicare Advantage with dental coverage, drug coverage and many others.
  • With Part D the applicant will be able to get the Prescription Drug Plans which will help to cover the medicine costs.

Compare and purchase the best one:

It is true that most of these Medicare Policies are complex to understand. So, when you think of purchasing the Medicare Supplement Plans you should always compare the same from various websites. It will help you to understand the various aspects of the plan and at the same time you can compare the price of the various policies. You will finally buy the policy which will be the most beneficial one.

Where to purchase:

All the private companies which sell medical insurance policies will provide you these plans. However, for each applicant one separate plan is required. So, if you are a couple you can’t have the same plan for you. You should talk to the agent regarding the plans thoroughly so that you can understand about the policy better and can purchase the same wisely. Compare the price of the policy to purchase the same in the most reasonable price.  Overall, it can surely be said that Medicare Supplemental plans can help you in saving a lot of pennies when someone is hospitalized. It will help you to continue the treatment in a better way. You will get financial support in a crisis situation. You can also go for any additional requirements for the better treatment.

Hygiene Products Every Senior Should Have

There are so many different products out there that are being put in our face to buy especially a lot of products that are used to make us look better. Products that tell you that your wrinkles will go away if you use this product or products that promise that you will look better after using it. Most of these things don’t actually work and are just ways for people to buy these things because of that hope that they actually work. While it would be nice if they did they sadly do not work but there are other things that you can do and buy that will work much better than these fake products that they show on TV. Get a quote for a 2019 medicare supplement at to save money.

The first thing that doesn’t even cost any money is water. Water is so important for your body and people have no clue that it actually is a big reason as to why you skin can be very clear or a reason as to why your skin can be not so clear and maybe not that good looking. So if you are to start drinking maybe a gallon or more of water everyday then you will start to see progress in less than a week. For some people it can be really hard to drink water for whatever the reason is it may be that some people don’t like the taste of water or maybe it is because they would rather drink other things rather than water. But if you are to only be drinking water and nothing but water that means no soda juice or any other sugar drinks besides black coffee then you will lose weight and your skin will probably look better in your skin too.

The other thing that doesn’t cost any money is sleeping, people also do not realize that sleep is something that really effects the way that we look and the way that we think. If for an example if you haven’t been getting much sleep lately you may notice that your skin isn’t looking as good as it always does and you may see very dark circles under your eyes. This is because you aren’t getting enough sleep so your body isn’t able to do all of the functions it is supposed to when you are sleeping.

If you do these two things you will start to see a difference in no time and people just don’t realize how much these two natural things can improve your looks by a lot.

Medicare Coverage of Dentures , an insight

Medicare Advantage Plans do not cover the routine dental supplies or car and this also includes oral cleanings, exams, extractions, fillings, and dental appliances such as dentures.


In some cases, it may be covered for oral exams or extractions if they are related to a procedure covered. For instance, Medicare advantage plans cover oral exams in case they are a part o a pre-op exam before getting a heart valve replacement or a kidney transplant surgery.


Even teeth extractions are covered when there is a need to get your mouth ready for radiation as a curing to oral cancer. Yet, Medicare advantage plans do not offer cover for dentures or dentures fitting that may be required after tooth extractions.

medicare advantage plans 2019


Typically, you will have to bear the cost from your pocket in full for dentures and dental care, unless there is some other insurance.


Medicare Part C dentures coverage

There are some Medicare Advantage plans covering additional benefits that are not covered by Original Medicare. It is also referred to as the Medicare Advantage program, Medicare Part C; offering an alternative to avail Original Medicare benefits.


However, Medicare Advantage plans in 2019 can be bought from private insurance companies approved by Medicare so that the coverage is in the same level as the federal program. The Medicare Advantage plans provide coverage beyond Original Medicare that includes the routine dentures and dental services. This coverage varies with each plan, so always double-check for any specific benefit announced with the Medicare Advantage plan.


PACE programs and dentures coverage

PACE is referred to as Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. This may be a way to cover the cost if you require dentures. In fact, PACE is a program run jointly by Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid that offers for individual’s health-care services in their communities and homes. The program is concentrated mainly on helping the older adults so that they stay independent and avail the nursing-home care as required.


Alternative way to make payment for dentures

In case you are not eligible for PACE or also without a Medicare Advantage Plan, you may have to pay for the costs in other ways. Bear in mind to check with Medicaid.  The dentures and dental services may be Medicaid covered that is state-run, while the individual states are at liberty to offer programs beyond the guidelines of the government. Learn from your Medicaid department in your state, if the dentures are covered.

Cheap and Comprehensive Health Care Coverage

These days medical bills are extremely costly, so health insurance has turned into a fundamental piece of our day by day life. If you are not secured by any health plans, the enormous medical bill will release you bankrupt immediately. Regardless of whether you will pick an individual health insurance or family health care coverage, you have to consider the month to month premium of a specific health plan. Other than fundamental health coverage, you additionally need to purchase dental insurance. So you surely will pay much cash each month or different health plans. Moderate insurances will spare you much cash. In spite of the fact that it is difficult to discover minimal effort and complete insurances, it is conceivable to pick generally cost-effective healthcare coverage. Before you at long last settle on a specific health plan, you have to guarantee that it can satisfy all your essential medical needs.

medicare advantage plans 2019

Purchase health or dental insurance through your organizations. Another option is medicare advantage plans 2019.  Quotes for these can be found at    As your manager will bear the cost of an extensive percent of the superior, you just need to pay a little percent of the expense while getting far reaching medical coverage. As a matter of fact bunch health plans have much lower costs than singular health plan. Else, you can look at whether your gathering health insurance including dental insurance. If it contains this administration, you don’t have to purchase another all alone; if not, you ought to pick a cost-productive plan.


Insurance representative will help you a great deal. As there is a lot of arrangements for insurance, you can get assistance from an affair operator. He or she will give you some great choices as indicated by your specific condition. Think about different plans and afterward pick a fit one. If you don’t have enough time to visit an operator, you can get free insurance cites on the web. Relatively every insurance site offers free statements, and afterward you can think about each plan before you pick your coveted one. As a similar health plan has different costs, so you have to think about numerous sites’ statements previously you make the application. May be you at last will pick insurance with a high premium, yet its low deductible will spare you much cash when you take pharmaceuticals or other medical medications.

Exercising Beyond the Age of 50

Regular exercise is essential to keep our bodies healthy. It is even more essential as we get into our senior years. All the body systems slow down and we need to work harder to keep them moving to their potential.

The bone density of a senior citizen diminishes considerably as they age. Doing exercise, especially strength training, will help to keep the bones strong. Walking is a great weight bearing exercise to help keep your weight stable, as well as, helping ones balance.

The basic stages of activity are sedentary, moderate and vigorous exercise. Many seniors may have trouble getting around and may fall easily. There are exercises that can be done in a chair to help strengthen their muscles and give them more mobility. Those that can move about freely, need to up their sedentary lives by taking a walk every day to get in as many steps as possible to maintain their health. This will help to ward off illness and disease.

Those seniors that engage in moderate exercise will definitely have a more healthy body and outlook on life. Moderate exercise can be anything from swimming, dancing and brisk walking daily. There are many DVDs available with all sorts of exercises to follow in your own home. While doing these exercises, one should be able to carry on a conversation and breathe normally without any stress.

There are many seniors who are able to still do more strenuous exercise and are successful. These exercises could be playing tennis, running or any activity that raise ones heart rate considerably. While doing these exercises, it would be difficult to talk easily.

Without physical activity, seniors may experience losing their balance and falling easily, different kinds of arthritis, joint stiffness and pain, not being able to sleep well, breathing problems, heart disease and stroke.  Medigap plans can help pay your bills for you along side Medicare. These conditions can be exacerbated and weight gain from being sedentary can add its toll. The saying “if you don’t use it, you will lose it” is very true. The body systems stop working properly, slow down and illness and disease can happen.

Nowadays there are many ways to get in the exercise the body needs to stay healthy. As said before, there are various exercise programs on the internet that are free for you to access. From yoga, Pilates, cardio, aerobic and walking programs can be found geared to seniors. Many senior centers across the country offer free exercise programs and at different levels to accommodate everyone. As we’ve all heard before, it is best to see your doctor before starting any exercise.


5 Common health problems for seniors

As you grow older, your health becomes more delicate. Maybe you are about to reach you early 60s and you have noticed that you need to visit the doctor more often, or at least be more careful. This does not have to be something bad at all, but you should know what health problems you could face in the future, especially when managing different conditions at the same time can be difficult for some, as they were not used to it. In this article we will show 5 common health problems for seniors and some tips to manage them.

  1. Arthritis

     Arthritis is one of the main conditions that affect seniors. More than 25 million people in the U.S suffer from arthritis and most of them are over 55 years old.

Arthritis affects the joints through the inflammation of them caused by the breakdown or degeneration of cartilage in the joints. This condition may also affect the muscles and other tissues. There are over 100 types of arthritis but one of the most common is Osteoarthritis, which is degenerative.

Although there is no cure for arthritis, people who suffer this condition may benefit from rest, moderate exercise, diet control and weight loss. There are also treatments to reduce pain and physical or occupational therapies, which will depend on the type of arthritis and the degree of pain.

  1. Cancer

     Unfortunately, the incidence of cancer increases with age and it is estimated that a 60% of the people who suffer from this disease are over 65 years old. The most common types of cancer among the elderly are breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer.

The good news is that cancer can be treatable if it is detected early though screenings and millions of people survive every year. So make sure to get regular check—ups and call your doctor if you suspect that something may go wrong.

  1. Cardiovascular Disease

     Among the common health problems for seniors, cardiovascular disease can be considered like the worst ones, as it is the leading cause of death of people over 65 years old. Coronary Heart Disease, Heart Failure and Stroke are the leading causes of death related to Cardiovascular Disease.

The development of these diseases is usually related to high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, smoking and high levels of stress. This means that making changes on the person’s lifestyle could help a lot, and things like quitting smoking, eating well and exercising can reduce the probability of developing cardiovascular disease.

Finding the right Medicare insurance can be tricky. Visit to get instant quotes.

  1. Depression

     Even though depression is very common among the elderly, it is not normal. It is estimated that about 6 million of 65-year-olds or over in the U.S suffer from depression.

The multiple changes that happen during this stage of life, such as losing friends or relatives, dealing with chronicle conditions or loneliness can lead to depression. The symptoms of it are usually confused with the effects of medication or illnesses, and the people around the elderly do not pay attention to it.

Having depression can affect other aspects of our lives, so it is important to look for professional help and try to change the person’s lifestyle, like trying new things or hanging out with other people more often.

  1. Obesity

     Another important health problem for seniors is obesity, as it can increase the probability of developing the diseases mentioned above and other conditions.

It is estimated that one third of people aged 65 or older is obese and this is caused by a sedentary lifestyle, the loss of muscle and a poor diet. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise more, reduce the alcohol and calorie intake and substitute trans fats from the diet with healthy fats.