Medicare Coverage of Dentures , an insight

Medicare Advantage Plans do not cover the routine dental supplies or car and this also includes oral cleanings, exams, extractions, fillings, and dental appliances such as dentures.


In some cases, it may be covered for oral exams or extractions if they are related to a procedure covered. For instance, Medicare advantage plans cover oral exams in case they are a part o a pre-op exam before getting a heart valve replacement or a kidney transplant surgery.


Even teeth extractions are covered when there is a need to get your mouth ready for radiation as a curing to oral cancer. Yet, Medicare advantage plans do not offer cover for dentures or dentures fitting that may be required after tooth extractions.

medicare advantage plans 2019


Typically, you will have to bear the cost from your pocket in full for dentures and dental care, unless there is some other insurance.


Medicare Part C dentures coverage

There are some Medicare Advantage plans covering additional benefits that are not covered by Original Medicare. It is also referred to as the Medicare Advantage program, Medicare Part C; offering an alternative to avail Original Medicare benefits.


However, Medicare Advantage plans in 2019 can be bought from private insurance companies approved by Medicare so that the coverage is in the same level as the federal program. The Medicare Advantage plans provide coverage beyond Original Medicare that includes the routine dentures and dental services. This coverage varies with each plan, so always double-check for any specific benefit announced with the Medicare Advantage plan.


PACE programs and dentures coverage

PACE is referred to as Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. This may be a way to cover the cost if you require dentures. In fact, PACE is a program run jointly by Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid that offers for individual’s health-care services in their communities and homes. The program is concentrated mainly on helping the older adults so that they stay independent and avail the nursing-home care as required.


Alternative way to make payment for dentures

In case you are not eligible for PACE or also without a Medicare Advantage Plan, you may have to pay for the costs in other ways. Bear in mind to check with Medicaid.  The dentures and dental services may be Medicaid covered that is state-run, while the individual states are at liberty to offer programs beyond the guidelines of the government. Learn from your Medicaid department in your state, if the dentures are covered.