Exercising Beyond the Age of 50

Regular exercise is essential to keep our bodies healthy. It is even more essential as we get into our senior years. All the body systems slow down and we need to work harder to keep them moving to their potential.

The bone density of a senior citizen diminishes considerably as they age. Doing exercise, especially strength training, will help to keep the bones strong. Walking is a great weight bearing exercise to help keep your weight stable, as well as, helping ones balance.

The basic stages of activity are sedentary, moderate and vigorous exercise. Many seniors may have trouble getting around and may fall easily. There are exercises that can be done in a chair to help strengthen their muscles and give them more mobility. Those that can move about freely, need to up their sedentary lives by taking a walk every day to get in as many steps as possible to maintain their health. This will help to ward off illness and disease.

Those seniors that engage in moderate exercise will definitely have a more healthy body and outlook on life. Moderate exercise can be anything from swimming, dancing and brisk walking daily. There are many DVDs available with all sorts of exercises to follow in your own home. While doing these exercises, one should be able to carry on a conversation and breathe normally without any stress.

There are many seniors who are able to still do more strenuous exercise and are successful. These exercises could be playing tennis, running or any activity that raise ones heart rate considerably. While doing these exercises, it would be difficult to talk easily.

Without physical activity, seniors may experience losing their balance and falling easily, different kinds of arthritis, joint stiffness and pain, not being able to sleep well, breathing problems, heart disease and stroke.  Medigap plans can help pay your bills for you along side Medicare. These conditions can be exacerbated and weight gain from being sedentary can add its toll. The saying “if you don’t use it, you will lose it” is very true. The body systems stop working properly, slow down and illness and disease can happen.

Nowadays there are many ways to get in the exercise the body needs to stay healthy. As said before, there are various exercise programs on the internet that are free for you to access. From yoga, Pilates, cardio, aerobic and walking programs can be found geared to seniors. Many senior centers across the country offer free exercise programs and at different levels to accommodate everyone. As we’ve all heard before, it is best to see your doctor before starting any exercise.